Bieber Gets Two Years’ Probation Over La Egg-throwing – Yahoo News

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He has pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence of substances, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. And in Canada, he is accused of assaulting a limousine driver last year. View gallery Justin Bieber (L) and director Jon M. Chu at the world premiere of “Justin Bieber’s BELIEVE Toronto police have accused Bieber of hitting a limousine driver “several times” over the back of the head. The car had picked him and five others up from a nightclub in the city in the early hours of December 30. In April, Bieber mis-stepped into a bitter fight over history by visiting a controversial war shrine in Tokyo. The troubled Canadian pop prince posted a snap of himself at Yasukuni shrine on his Instagram account — tweeting the link to his 51 million Twitter followers — with the message “Thank you for your blessings.” The shrine is seen across Asia as a symbol of Japan’s perceived lack of penitence for its imperialist past. An attached museum peddles a view of World War II deemed unpalatable by most mainstream historians, casting Japan as a victim and a frustrated liberator of Asia. A storm erupted across social media after the posting, with fans lambasting the star for historical ignorance, and even China’s foreign ministry suggesting the young singer should educate himself on the issue. That backlash recalled Bieber’s visit to the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam a year earlier, when he sparked a furor with a message in the guest book at the house of the Jewish teenager, who died in a World War II concentration camp.

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Ridesharing Startup Lyft Will Continue Operating In NYC Despite Threats From The City’s Taxi Commission – Yahoo Finance

Please enter a valid phone number. Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Ridesharing Startup Lyft Will Continue Operating In NYC Despite Threats From The City’s Taxi Commission By Sam Colt 12 hours ago 0 shares Instagram Lyft’s run in New York City may be startlingly short-lived. The ride-sharing company known for the now-ubiquitous pink mustache on its cars announced on Tuesday that it would begin operating in the Big Apple , even though it didn’t have permission from the city’s Taxi and Limo Commission (TLC). Today the TLC released a statement calling Lyft “unauthorized in New York City.” ” Lyft has not complied with TLCs safety requirements and other licensing criteria to verify the integrity and qualifications of the drivers or vehicles used in their service, and Lyft does not hold a license to dispatch cars to pick up passengers,” said the statement. TLC Chair Meera Joshi released her own statement on Lyft’s NYC operations. “Every rider deserves the safety and consumer protections our rules provide, and we have a long track record of working successfully with innovative companies to help them start out the right way,” she said. “We’re still hopeful that Lyft will accept our offer to help them do the right thing for New York City passengers as they should, but New Yorkers can rest assured that the TLC will do its job and take the actions necessary to protect them. Joshi’s “offer” refers to the Commission’s ” wish to work with [Lyft] to help them comply with the laws and rules that are central to protecting public safety and consumer rights, as we have with SO many other companies with new and innovative approaches,” said a TLC official.

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