Instagram Is Facebook’s Ticket To China’s Advertising Market – Facebook (nasdaq:fb) | Seeking Alpha

7 Tips for a Wildly Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

7 Tips for a Wildly Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

This fact makes me believe that Facebook can still earn decent advertising money in China even without its core apps. My Recommendation Investors who are hungry for bigger and faster yields should now prioritize Facebook over Google. Zuckerberg has a great China play with Instagram. I was already bullish on Facebook when it was trading below $59. I’m now more enthusiastic with FB’s long-term potential with this new information that Instagram is thriving inside China. The Chinese smartphone market is a deep well where Instagram can earn ad money for many years to come. Google is missing this opportunity. Facebook greatly outperformed GOOG this year.

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Instagram removes photo of two men kissing at their wedding | Mail Online

The Ellen Shows Instagram, which boasts over 5 million followers, is a great example of this the images are a hodgepodge of pics of the show, pics of babies with dogs, pics tying in to bits or jokes from the show, and funny or inspirational Tweets. Its a cheerful, comfortable mess the internet equivalent of visiting your hilarious crazy aunts house. Most importantly, remember that emotional content is shareable content. One brand that has really mastered this principle is GoPro. Their instagram is full of joyous, exiting, exhilarating images. Most of these images are user-generated; the brand regrams a Photo of the Day each day. This is an excellent way to reward followers, who get to see their photo featured on one of the most popular sites on the platform, and its a great way to drive engagement and inspire followers to get out there and use the product. #6 Tap into Your Community Many brands connect with members of their Instagram community by highlighting great videos from their followers. But successful brands can do even more to drive engagement and build community on the platform: they can use the platform to get feedback from their followers. This is a great way to strengthen the relationship between a brand and its most loyal fans.

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Celebrity hairdresser Alberto Guzman posted the picture of himself and his husband Janeiro on Sunday in honor of Gay Pride Day, using a series of hashtags including #happy, #gaypride and #equalrights. But shortly after the photo went up, another user apparently flagged it as inappropriate, prompting the site to take it down – much to the disappointment of the couple and their followers. Reaction: Instagram users were outraged when this picture of celebrity hairdresser Alberto Guzman (right) and his husband Janeiro (left) on their wedding day was taken down Pride: Mr Guzman (pictured left with his husband, whom he married in May after 16 years of dating) posted the photo using a series of hashtags including #happy, #gaypride and #equalrights Mr Guzman, who married his make-up artist boyfriend of 16 years in May, voiced his outrage in a post on Instagram. ‘I posted this photo of my wedding yesterday and Instagram took it off my album for being “inappropiate”, and on gay pride day of all days,’ wrote the hairdresser, who has worked with stars including Pink, Emily VanCamp, Bridget Moynahan and Molly Sims. Apple CEO Tim Cook poses smiling for pictures at San Francisco Gay Pride just days after he was accidentally outed as homosexual by a presenter on live TV The post attracted 160 ‘likes’ and prompted dozens of people to re-post it and spread the word. ‘Stunning photo,’ wrote one friend. ‘I don’t see anything wrong with two people in love – amazing.’ Another person said of the photo removal: ‘Outrageous. Love you two!

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