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7 Tips for a Wildly Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

7 Tips for a Wildly Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

Courtesy Yes Way Rose PHOTO: A Yes Way, Rose tie-dyed tote bag. “Sales of rose wine overtook sales of white wine in France 20 years ago for a very good reason,” said Stephen Cronk, founder of Mirabeau, which is based in Provence–the largest rose producing region in France. “Many people enjoy the flavors of red wines but either find them too heavy in summer or they dont like the stronger tannins in red. With delicious aromas of summer fruits combined with a fresh, citrusy acidity on the palate, instagram comments a well made Provence rose is pure sunshine in a glass.” Laetitia March-Nulton, U.S. export manager for Baron Philippe de Rothschild, which produces Mouton Cadet, agreed with the sentiment. “It’s exciting to see the growing popularity of rose wines in the U.S.!” said March-Nulton. “Many still associate rose as a sweet wine, but traditional roses are made in a dry style.” The lingering stereotype is a holdover from several sweet blush labels produced during the 70s and 80s. But today’s bottles veer away from saccharine tastes.

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PHOTO: A Yes Way, Rosé tie-dyed tote bag.

And, by the same token, make sure that visitors to your main site know that they can connect with you on Instagram. Instagram is built around the idea that users are sharing their own videos and images. However, sharing videos created by fans of your brand can go a long way towards creating a community on the platform. To show both good form and a healthy respect for the copyright of others, ask permission from and give credit to the originator of any images you want to regram. There are even apps for that , because of course there are. Another key tool are hashtags: successful brands use them, and use them effectively. Some of the more obvious tips for best practices include: Keep your hashtags focused. The Instagram blog uses the example of #van versus #vwvan. The latter focuses the search, while the former leaves the user wading through all types of vans to get to the brand theyre looking for. Use hashtags selectively.

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